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  11. Robin1997patz
    I don't cheat - it's just skill :D
  12. SyedNekoChan
    So umm e.e what are we suppose to do again xD
  13. Throndor
    Das Glück bevorzugt den, der vorbereitet ist.
  14. jandermann1978
    Good Morning, Snow everywhere, Fuckin´ hate that, Need Coffee!!!
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  15. Fang_90
    Hello im fang and i help out with moderation of dahlia and ludophiles for the english community
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    2. Eric
      Welcome to the show, I'll get you backstage access asap :)
      Dec 5, 2015
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    3. C3pp4r3ll0
      Welcome to the dark side of community...
      I'm mhmmm, let me think... (30 minutes later) I'm the cleaner of the PS4 trophies: I remove dust and shiny trophies and I keep an eye (24/7) on Dahlia's Bloodborne Platinum trophy.
      Here in the forum I usually scare others with walls of text and I'm always looking for new victims ... Do not run away, I'm kidding .
      Dec 5, 2015
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  16. French_pumba
    New work, new place to live, new start ! new life ! o/
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    2. Eric
      Sep 21, 2015
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  17. Eric
  18. Eric
    insomniac - some ludo updates in the pipe ludoBeer
  19. C3pp4r3ll0
    C3pp4r3ll0 KeyKaiphwvmd
    Gossip ;-) says that you're now part of the team Ludo. Welcome and nice to meet you.
    I'm appreciating very much your list of favorite games; I also love souls like games and can't wait to play DS3.
    I see that in the future you're going to play "for honor" I hope you'll join the faction of "the chosen" (it's the coolest faction, my fav) but please at least not choose the Vikings faction. Ciao. Cya.
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    2. KeyKaiphwvmd
      Thank you C3! Yeah I can't wait to play DS3. Its probally going to be the only game I play for months! OK "the chosen" it is even thou I have no idea what that means lol
      Aug 26, 2015
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  20. Roarzor