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ARK: Survival Evolved

Discussion in 'ARK: Survival Evolved' started by RAZER, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    We from Ludophiles have a ARK: Survival Evolved private server running (info: http://www.ludophiles.com/threads/ark-server.145/) but other then that there was no thread to be found on Ludophiles which had to change. I'll try to keep this thread up to date with updates and other stuff, but feel free to add your own of course.

    Went over the Dossier of all the creatures today and it seems there are 74 of them (including the new one we got today, see below) most of which I have never seen before. So I guess I have some exploring to do.

    Feel free to join us on our Ark server, the more the better.
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  2. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    So, today we get a new creature named the Procoptodon, which is basically a large Kangaroo

    Dossier Procoptodon.jpg

  3. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    The map of the Ark. For a larger file go here:


    Ark Map Small.jpg

    Should we go and add interesting location to this map, so we know what can be found where?
    Is there some kind of coordinate system in the game?
  4. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    Made a little area for my dodo's to live.

  5. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    Tried my hand at breeding a dodo and little baby Eddy came out (with 2 other baby dodo's who died). It seems that getting a baby to go from baby to juvenile takes a lot of time and as it was ~2 am already I did not have time to complete the job. So, unfortunately Eddy died during the night :(. He will be missed.

    baby dodo.jpg
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    Made a few more signs, to find out the exact size of the image I can use. The Trike and Stego are still a bit large, but the rest are pretty good.

    ShooterGame 2016-01-04 23-13-44-87.jpg
  7. Cryorvus

    Cryorvus Specialist

    I don't think we'll need the exact coordinates. I inscribed the buildings known by me by reference to the natural environment. I'm not really sure about the "North Base" position. I remember it was at a point the cliff ends. @Darkjudges: please tell me if the entry is wrong. And I forgot the name of the island south-east. If there will be PVP in the future, we should hide this map somehow^^
  8. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    This is what I have so far

    Ark Map info.jpg
  9. Darkjudges

    Darkjudges Experienced

    Yeah thats close enough ;-)
  10. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    So, any of you do any modding?

  11. Cryorvus

    Cryorvus Specialist

    Not since Half Life 1 and Quake 3 ^^
  12. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    OK I'm almost finished with my farm, got:
    • Narcoberries
    • Stimberries
    • Mejoberries
    • Tintoberries
    • Azulberries
    • Amarberries
    • Rockarrot
    • Savoroot
    • Longrass

    Feel free to take what you need from the farm, but fill the 3 Compost Bins with poop and thatch if you have any to spare so I can maintain the crops.

    If any of the dodo's laid any eggs take those too if you like, nice source of food.

    Savoroot is pretty good food, they give you 20 food points, but spoil pretty fast, but for a long trip take a couple of dozen and you should be OK for a while
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  13. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    Introducing the Megalosaurus!
    New creature in the ARK

    Dossier Megalosaurus.jpg

    Common Name: Megalosaurus
    Species: Megalosaurus Noctedominus
    Time: Mid Jurassic
    Diet: Carnivore
    Temperament: Aggressive Nocturnal


    Much like the Island’s other large theropods, Megalosaurus Noctedominus is an aggressive carnivore that should not be taken lightly. Unlike most of the other theropods, it is a primarily nocturnal creature. As dawn approaches, Megalosaurus begins looking for a secluded place to spend the day sleeping in relative safety.

    Conversely, if disturbed during the day, Megalosaurus is significantly more sluggish. Either way, however, its primary combat tactic is to bite onto its target then lock its jaws shut in an iron-strength grip.

    Only larger creatures can hope to break free once Megalosaurus locks its jaw. The creature then proceeds to gnaw on its prey until death. It’s a terrifying, grisly spectacle to watch, and a formidable tactic for a tribe to employ against more nimble opponents.


    While Megalosaurus is not the most powerful theropod, it is still highly sought after by night-raiders. Due to its nocturnal nature, Megalosaurus becomes much more formidable at night -- dodging attacks, conserving stamina, and attacking more accurately, to name a few of its enhanced talents.
  14. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    Next to various tweaks and fixes we got 2 new creatures today

    Dossier Dung Beetle.jpg
    Dossier Dimetrodon.jpg

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  15. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    Note to self and everyone else: "Do not attack a Dimorphodon with a Carno" I barely got away, those birds are way to fast for the Carno to kill it, so it was a very close call.
  16. Eric

    Eric Veteran

  17. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

  18. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    This nice little creature will be in game soon too

    Dossier Titanosaurus.jpg
  19. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    So, made some Lazarus Chowder so I could stay under water a long time, took a dolphin and went out for pearls. Found out the underwater world is dangerous and died together with my dolphin :(

    But if any of you need some Lazarus Chowder (makes you use oxygen at a speed of 15% of normal) let me know.
  20. RAZER

    RAZER Veteran

    Tamed a Pteranodon yesterday and put it in the south base together with the one we already had. I used it to get Obsidian from the large vulcano. Pretty easy trip and you can get ~40 Obsidian or so. There is a lot of metal and crystal there too, but the Pteranodon can not carry that much load, so going to build up his strength so you can carry a bit more.

    Also build a spot in the weather to store any fish I might tame, so fare I have none (and the one at the south base died because I let it be eaten). It should be relatively easy to tame them with Kibble, I know how to make now. So if anyone needs that let me know.

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