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Connecting external accounts

Discussion in 'Ludophiles' started by Ludophiles, Jun 2, 2015.

By Ludophiles on Jun 2, 2015 at 18:59
  1. Ludophiles

    Ludophiles Qualified

    Many Ludophiles have all sorts of social media accounts and this forum gives you the ability to connect your Ludophiles account with your social media accounts. When doing so you can login to the forum using your social media account.

    Doing so is easy, just hover over your name on the top right of the screen and choose 'External Accounts'. You will be taken to a page with buttons to link the various social media accounts. As you can see we also have the ability to link your Stream account to you Ludophiles account.

    Choose the social media you want to link and click the button below it. You then will be asked for the password of your Ludophiles account. Add that to the box and click the 'Associate Account' button. Depending on the settings you have on your social media account, you might be asked for your username and password for your social media account and you might be asked for permission to share info from that account with Ludophiles. Check the settings and accept them if you are OK with them.

    The 4 sites you can link all work in the same way and are pretty straight forward to do.

    With these account linked you can use them to login to Ludophiles.com so you don't have to remember yet another password.

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Discussion in 'Ludophiles' started by Ludophiles, Jun 2, 2015.

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