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    Ludophiles longplays project

    About time we finally have a thread for our longplays project. We have 30+ longplays by 8 contributors already: @C3pp4r3ll0 @RAZER @Dahlia Gray @gryvix @Skaal Mjoelnir @crab_M1 @SCrap28 & @Eric. There are little to no limits. The oldest game we have is from 1984, the one of The Technomancer...
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    Black Desert guild

    Black Desert was just released for 'western markets'. We have started a guild in Black Desert and here you can read how to join and more. If you have no idea what Black Desert is about please check out post #2. Guild management The current guild leader will is Mr @Skaal Mjoelnir :) How to...
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    How to access the Ludophiles ARK server

    You can easily connect to the Ludophiles ARK server by adding it to you favourites in Steam. Shortcut: Long version:
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    Ludophiles ARK: Survival Evolved server

    Ludophiles ARK: Survival Evolved Server Play ARK: Survival Evolved with the Ludophiles TeamSpeak: PW: ludopw Discord: Is the server online: Vote for the Ludophiles ARK Server
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    Ludophiles Twitch subscriber features

    What you get for subscribing to the Ludophiles Twitch channel. You can subscribe any time using this link: chat badge for the Ludophiles channel 2 emoticons to use all across Twitch (we are currently not allowed more than 2, the...
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    PAX Prime 2015

    Trailers and other videos from PAX Prime 2015.
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    KeyKai Livestreams

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    Free games for subscribers

    Below you can find a list of games to give to subscribers on special occasions. Every new subscriber before the end of the race can pick one game from the list of mostly classic PC games and some new indie games below. We only have 1 copy of most games - so first come, first served. For...
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    Dahlia's Live Beer Tasting

    UPDATE: It's over. But here's the recording: v11136673 ---- OP: As most of you know already next Friday (07 August 2015) is International Beer Day. We've asked everyone to suggest beers for Dahlia to taste live on stream on beer day. Of the suggested beers Dahlia got all but one...
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    Suggest beer for Dahlia!

    Each year the first Friday in August is the International Beer Day. Since Dahlia likes beer and is streaming every Friday we are looking for 3 types of beer for Dahlia to test. Suggest your beer in this thread! In case more than 3 beers are suggested we'll have a poll a week before beer day...
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    Ludophiles Livestreams

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    Subscribers thank you (free games)

    As you might know the Ludophiles Twitch channel turned 1 year old this week and we had a party on Friday. There's this tradition of giving presents to someone having birthday but we want to turn that upside down. As a little thank you for the special support of Twitch channel subscribers we...
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    Twitch channel 1st birthday party, gaming quiz, giveways

    Ludophiles! This week our Twitch channel turned 1. Thank you very much to everyone contributing to the channel in any way during the first year, by watching, chatting, moderating, subscribing, donating, etc. We'll celebrate this today, Friday evening (UTC) during Dahlia's stream of The...
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    Ludophiles bugs / criticism / suggestions / questions /...

    If you feel the topic/issue doesn't deserve a new thread you can just post it here. Everything is welcome, especially criticism, since we sure want to improve.
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    Ludophiles updates

    Some time ago @Roarzor has suggested a change log for the website and we tought we expand that a little bit with adding all things Ludophiles and do it continuously but with one post in this thread for each month. To keep it clear and accessible one cannot post in this thread, for comments...
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    E3 2015 News - Announcements, Trailers, Live Streams, ...

    S c h e d u l e (all times UTC) Highlights Bethesda Press Conference - Monday 03:30 Microsoft Press Conference - Monday 16:00 EA Press Conference MON - Moday 19:30 Ubisoft Press Conference - Monday 21:30 Sony Press Conference - Tuesday 00:30PM Nintendo Press Conference - Tuesday 16:00 Square...
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    Elder Scrolls Online Guild

    Getting started in the Ludophiles guild - November 2016 tl;dr PC, European Megaserver, cross-alliance friendly, mature community, easy-going and fun orientated anyone welcome, from newbie to veteran, from casual to hardcore any playstyle possible, from playing "solo" with a couple of guild...
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    Connecting external accounts

    Many Ludophiles have all sorts of social media accounts and this forum gives you the ability to connect your Ludophiles account with your social media accounts. When doing so you can login to the forum using your social media account. Doing so is easy, just hover over your name on the top right...
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    How to start a private conversation

    One of the features of is that you can have a private conversation with someone and doing so is very simple, but we wanted to show you how to do it anyway. There are numerous ways to start a conversation. Starting a conversation from the inbox The first is by hovering over the...
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    Show off your hardware

    If you want to game in comfort and with nice graphics you need some pretty nice hardware to play the games on. Show us what you use to play games on, either with pictures of your machine or images from the web of just in text.