1. Eric

    How to enable receiving email notifications when Twitch channel you follow goes live

    Until May 2015 receiving email notifications from Twitch when a channel goes live was enabled by default with the option to disable it. This was changed in May 2015 and after the change you need to actively enable the feature to receive notifications. First you need to enable email...
  2. Eric

    How to watch Twitch live streams in PS4 browser

    Watching live streams in PS4 brower is relatively easy and even can have some advantages compared to watching streams in PS4's native "Live from PlayStation": theater mode looks better than "Live from PlayStation" the player can be bigger you can see more chat lines you can see chat...
  3. Eric

    Twitch 101 - how to improve your streaming and get more viewers

    Regularly people ask in the chat of our channel: "how do you get so many viewers?". Here's a basic, incomplete, brainstorming style list of rules of thumb, good practise and trends, some of which are not for everyone. Please let us know if there's anything to change of add. Stream quality...
  4. Ludophiles

    Connecting external accounts

    Many Ludophiles have all sorts of social media accounts and this forum gives you the ability to connect your Ludophiles account with your social media accounts. When doing so you can login to the forum using your social media account. Doing so is easy, just hover over your name on the top right...