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November 24 reopens hunting :rolleyes::
during its pre-Tokyo Game Show press briefing, Sony Computer Entertainment finally announced the first expansion of Bloodborne.

The expansion is called Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, coming out on November 24th, On December 3rd, Sony will also release Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition, including the game and the expansion.

I think the title might have to do with the old hunter Gehrman.
Watching the trailer above, I noticed new weapons such as a giant yo-yo / lollipops :eek: some monster reassembled as a sort of Blood-starved and Loran Darkbeast with a horse's head o_O not so many news, but dlc of the Dark Souls 2 were so good and some content even better than the original game, so I hope From Sofwtare does a good job even with this Bloodborne's dlc.
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If like me you do not play Bloodborne from May, I announce that with the last updates there have been several innovations in the game.
Just yesterday there was released a giant patch of 9 Gb, which in my opinion :rolleyes: actually hides already the new upcoming DLC.
Essentially all these changes simplify the game.
This is a short list of the most important news (for more details check :

  • Password matching (for multipayer gaming session) can now be done regardless of level.
  • Password matching can now be done even if registered to a different oath.
  • If the level difference between the host and the guest when matched using a password is large, the guest's stats will be adjusted to match the host's. [Most of the time, the higher person would be hit with a HP reduction; if the gap is large then a damage reduction will occur with the HP reduction]
  • Insight is returned if unable to locate Small Resonant Bell after ringing Beckoning Bell
  • Quicksilver bullets and blood vials can now be stored up to 600 (the previous limit was 99) in the storage in Hunter’s Dream.
With the last patch of yesterday It was added:

  • New covenant: The league; This is the confederate covenant of hunters associated with The League.
    You may meet Valtr (a new NPC character) and join The League at the Forbidden Woods, in the hut that must be unlocked as a shortcut next to the first lamp. If you co-op while using the covenant rune Impurity and succeed in your task you will receive a Vermin item that will be allow you to participate in the ranking (on-line) system.
  • New NPC Co-op Partners. Hunters of The League faction will be able to summon new Old Hunters into their game in several areas, including Chalice Dungeons. You must acquire the Old Hunter Bell at the Hunter's Dream and ring it to summon the Old Hunters at their specific markers. The Old Hunter Bell consumes insight on use, and you can only have a maximum of two NPC phantoms with you at a time. If you have another co-op player in your world, you can only summon one NPC helper.
  • New Items: The Old Hunter Bell, Madaras Whistle (Hunter tool), One-Eyed Iron Helm
Here some pictures and video about the Madaras Whistle and new NPCs
Do not look if you do not like spoilers

in this video you can see a new NPC hunter present near the lantern of forbidden woods. Once you killed he drops a Madaras whistle allowing you to summon from underground a giant snake that bites anyone found in the exact spot where it was used the whistle; carefully as you see at the beginning of the video, it can bite the user himself if that does not hurry to move immediately after whistled.

here a picture with the new NPC character Valtr and the new covenant rune Impurity
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How to access Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion:

So next Tuesday it will be released the DLC of Bloodborne; but first you must upgrade to the latest version of Bloodborne (as already mentioned in the previous message) which is update # 1.07 that is quite large (9 Gb).

Once you have purchased (BTW Sony has raised the price of DLC from previously announced price of 15€ to 20€ :mad:) and downloaded The Old Hunters expansion (you can only play from Tuesday), you’ll need to follow the below steps to access the new content:

  1. Defeat the boss of the Cathedral Ward and examine the altar in the back of the room to change the in-game time to night.
  2. Go to the Hunter’s Dream and receive the Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter from a messenger (it's a new item of DLC).
  3. Go to the Oedon Chapel and leave via the left-hand exit to enter the square:

  4. Go to the right-hand end of the square to trigger an event. This event will take you to the new area: the Hunter’s Nightmare.
More details here:

Dahlia Gray

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Yay! looking forward to meet the old hunters! i checked my save game that is on the PS4 today and i'm right before the Gehrman-bossfight (not NG+, first playthrough). Around lvl 100? (not sure about that). You think it will be possible to start the dlc it with this saved game?


Dark Souls addicted :-P
Hi Dahlia:),
I think that your save game progress is ok. You shouldn't have problems to start and unlock access to upcoming dlc; follow the instructions that I have shown in my previous message and should be able to access the new content as soon as the dlc will be available to play it.
If unfortunately will not work, and you have no other previous saved game, you will need to start over in NG+ and get up to the cathedral ward and defeat Amelia.

(UPDATE: It works, I tried it with a saved game progress similar to your)

I just tried it with a saved game similar to your (this saved game progress, before the fight of Gehrman, is very popular among those who were in a hurry to see the various endings :D) and I saw that a new item (old hunter bell) that was added with the last patch, is correctly positioned in the doorway of the hut of hunter's dream; so if it works it means probably that even all upcoming news and items will be available;
The following pictures show precisely the location of this new object.

This new bell you find it in your inventory strangely o_O in the category of the keys, and it is used to summon npc hunters to help to defeat some bosses fight in the game; for more details here

With regard to the level (as you said around 100 lvl) whereas the various dark souls dlc are calibrated to a level of end game, I think the level 100 is perfect to offer an exciting challenge and quite demanding (full of ludoFock):D.
In an emergency:
  • you remember that a perfect place to farm is a lecture building with slime students, just equip some moon runes in order to multiply the echoes
  • call KeyKaiphwvmd in multiplayer coop, because she is a really champion in this game, and moreover it would be nice to see our favorite streamers play together, as two birds with one stone oops sorry :oops: ladies the comparison is not so good:confused: ; better say two roses with one vase ;).
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Dahlia Gray

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As I was not sure if it would work I tried to start a completly new game (I think I'd never be able to play the dlc in NG+ ;-)), and so I already found the old hunters bell. Accidentally I summoned Father Gascoigne (?) at Central Yharnam and - to be honest, he wasn't a big help. But I'm probably just spoiled by my awesome real-life companions :)...And definetly KeyKaiphwvmd and me should do a coop one of those days! When I tried the game this weekend I noticed that - as I haven't played this game in half a year - I will need all the help i can get.... I ususally farm in one of those dungeons (Ailing Loran?) in a hall with hooded enemies that poison you, let one of the easier monsters kill me, respawn, kill the easy monster to get the souls back and clear the hall again. Worked pretty good so far. The just don't drop alot of loot.
Looking so forward to the game tomorrow:)
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So tonight I immediately tried with the saved game (pre-Gehrman bossfight and level around 100) and it works: so you can access to DLC without problems; I would suggest you to use this save game level. Otherwise I fear that with a low level, this DLC will be a real nightmare :eek:... From Sofwtare recommend to the players to face this dlc with a level of 65. But it's advice of From Software: the makers of these bastards games :mad: then I would add at least others 20 points.:p
as I haven't played this game in half a year
Don't worry next spring there will be sweat so much with dark souls 3 ;), btw I hope that next spring you'll play dark souls 3 too:rolleyes:, because it will probably be the last dark souls. You can't miss it :).
I will need all the help i can get
I think you will have no problem finding people (new and old followers) willing to play and support online:),... unless they are all lost somewhere in the wasteland or in the star wars:p... hopefully bring with them some nuclear armor or a few lightsaber:cool:, because I can tell you that Yharnam it is really in bad shape and chaos reigns:eek:, (although, there were also some problems before... :D)
but despite everything after the first hour I am not dead yet, only a few scratches ludoScratch.

Are you sure ? Do you want to see the following spoiler ? It is a video on the first boss fight of Bloodborne DLC...:eek:
But it's in italian; it's better if you wait for the stream of Dahlia on :cool:
but if you are determined to see
Do you missed the stream of Dahlia ? No problem, you can watch the show of KeyKaiphwvmd that usually is live on a couple of hours later than Dahlia, but if you're just
Are you still here ? ops I'm sorry for this matryoshka :oops:, I had to slow a little to finish uploading the video:p...
If you want to see other new boss-fight follow ;)
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Mr @C3pp4r3ll0 I see you have discovered to joys of nested spoiler boxes :)

If you like we can throw the boss fight on the Ludo channel and market it like crazy (and we can enable monetization with 100% of potential revenues going to the creator of the vid).


Dark Souls addicted :-P
Monetize from that shit masterpiece, really o_O ?
I must first talk to my brand manager :cool:...
Talking seriously :) if you see something you like (or better say something interesting for Ludo channel) on my yt channel (for now only 2 videos, but maybe in the future I will add something else) Eric feel free to take it; I do not care about the revenues and/or the credits or links to my channel. I started to upload on yt just because I'm running out of space on the HD of PS4 :D.


Ha, you have that video as a file? Otherwise I'll just grab it from YT (which unfortunately means quality will suffer).


Dark Souls addicted :-P
Unfortunately my internet upload connection sucks, I need some time to upload the original file; so I will send you tomorrow a P.M. here in the forum, with the link of my personal cloud space (Onedrive or dropbox).


Dark Souls addicted :-P
It was a wonderful nightmare. Now the platinum trophy can rest peacefully :D...

Thank Dahlia for playing it.:)
The PS4 theme that is included in the preorder of DLC seems specially made for you :cool:.

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