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Getting started in the Ludophiles guild - November 2016

  • PC, European Megaserver, cross-alliance
  • friendly, mature community, easy-going and fun orientated
  • anyone welcome, from newbie to veteran, from casual to hardcore
  • any playstyle possible, from playing "solo" with a couple of guild benefits to being the "community manager", from casually dropping in for some quests and chat to taking the lead for the PvP Raid schedule
  • own dedicated website, partnered Discord, partnered Twitch channel, YT channel and more
  • ~40 active members (logged in within the last 24 hours)
  • interested in joining? just let us know, here, on Discord, or anywhere


The Ludophiles guild is called "Ordo Ludophilia". It's still a rather loose group with no specific focus or goal but that might change in the process of growing and developing.

Currently there are 100+ total members, and usually 40+ active members (=logged in whithin the last 40 hours.

Most are interested in PvE but any approach to the game and any playstyle is welcome. It doesn't matter whether you spend all your time pedantically executing thoroughly planned builds in PvP or whether you play very casually rather solo in a complete explorative style and just enjoy some guild chat once in a while.

However, let's start with the following guidelines and expand them if necessary:
  • don't be a dick
  • you should have a basic understanding of either English or German (or both)

Platforms, server, alliance, etc

The Ludophiles guild called "Ordo Ludophilia" is currently active on PC but inactive on PS4 (but if you are invited to change that).

The Ludophiles guild is currently available on the European Megaserver only.

Characters you create are bound to the Megaserver they've been created on. But it is possible to create different characters on both Megaservers. So if you haven't played on the European Megaserver yet just choose it after starting the application and create a new character.

Originally the guild was associated with the Ebonheart Pact alliance but was always open with for players of any alliance and after the One Tamriel update in October 2016 alliance association doesn't really matter much anymore.

The alliance a character is associated with depends on its race. Even if you don't have created character in the Ebonheart Pact you can join the Ordo Ludophilia guild, guild membership is based on accounts not characters.

Guild membership is based on accounts, each account can have up to 5 characters, each of which might be associated with any of the 3 alliances. Consequently we can play in any alliance, also each account can be in several guilds, so everything quite flexible.

Joining the guild

The guild is called Ordo Ludophilia. You can join it as soon as you are actually in game with you character, but at that early stage it might be not much of a help.

Joining the guild is easiest by accepting an invitation to the guild. To send you an invitation we need to know your TESO User ID for PC or your PSN Online ID for PS4.

Best post it with a little introduction in this thread or on Discord, alternatively send your ID in a private conversation or a private message to a Ludophiles account on any platform.


What we can use to organize:

Roles, ranks & permissions

For info on ranks & roles please check out the post further below: Guild roles, ranks & permissions

Werewolf & vampire bites

For Werewolf and Vampire bites please check out the following thread: How to become a Werewolf or Vampire

Bank & store

If you want to sell something please put it in the guild store for a fair price. If you just want to get rid of something that still might be of use for someone else please put it in the guild store for a couple of gold. The guild bank should only be used for crafting materials or consumables you want to give away.


PvE activity is taking place regularly but randomly. Best ask in guild chat or on Discord. The plan is to organize PvE activities with a fixed schedule asap. If you want to help with that please let us know.

Ludophiles PvE officers:
  • @Nibbix


PvP is optional and takes place in dedicated zones (Cyrodiil). PvP in Cyrodiil still doesn't mean you have to kill other players, you can as well increase the standing on your alliance by doing coop or solo quests.

Ludophiles PvP officers:
  • @Glorfindeil

Guild heraldry


Further info

Feel free to ask any questions & make any suggestions, best by posting in this thread, alternatively in a private conversation, or anywhere.

And maybe check out the following posts in this thread:

Getting started in the Ebonheart Pact
  1. Creating a character
  2. The Wailing prison - Start of the introductory quest line
  3. Bleakrock Isle
  4. Bal Foyen
  5. Davon's Watch

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Guild roles, ranks & permissions

Roles & ranks
Roles & ranks


Please note that the table is not completed up to date currently
- = not permitted / X = permitted / X = permitted, changed from default
Talk in Guild Chat (Gildenkanal)XXXX
Talk in Officer Chat (Offizierkanal)--XX
Read Officer Chat (Offizierkanal lesen)--XX
Edit Message of the Day (Nachricht des Tages)--XX
Edit About Us (Gildenbeschreibung)--XX
Invite Members (Mitglieder einladen)-XXX
Read Member Notes (Mitgliednotizen lesen)XXXX
Edit Member Notes (Mitgliednotizen bearbeiten)--XX
Promote Members (Mitglieder befördern)--XX
Demote Members (Mitglieder degradieren)--XX
Remove Members (Mitglieder entfernen)--XX
Claim Alliance Resources (Allianzbetriebe beanspruchen)--XX
Release Alliance Resources (Allianzbetriebe freigeben)--XX
Deposit in Guild Bank (In Gildenbank einlagern)XXXX
Withdraw from Guild Bank (Aus Gildenbank entnehmen)-XXX
Withdraw Gold from Guild Bank (Gold aus Gildenbank entnehmen)---X
Sell in Guild Store (In Gildenladen verkaufen)-XXX
Hire Guild Traders (Gildenhändler anstellen)---X
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1. Creating a character

Choosing a race

To be associated with the Ebonheart Pact please choose one of the following races for one of your character(s):
  • Argonians
  • Dark Elves
  • Nord
Alternatively you can purchase the Explorer's Pack which (among more features) let's you play in any race in any alliance. (among more features). Explorer's Packs are cheapest in form of keys on marketplaces, for example https://www.g2a.com/r/tesokeys

Choosing a name

You can freely choose a name. However, you might want to consider that it's a fantasy setting, "GTAfreak87", "CapJackSparrows", "Schnitzelwurm", etc might not be the best solutions.

In case you want a name as authentic as possible please refer to the following resources:

Dunmer / Dark Elf

Choosing a class

Choosing a weapon category

Choosing a weapon category is not part of character creation but actually done by using a specific weapon. You might want to plan which direction to go and use an appropriate weapon as soon as you've found it in game.

Starting in game

Check out the next post: The Wailing Prison - Soulshriven in Cold Harbor
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2. The Wailing Prison - Soulshriven in Coldharbour
Introductory quest line

You start your journey in The Wailing Prison, doing the Soul Shriven in Coldharbour quest. The introductory style quest line is quite linear and easy to playthrough but further info can be found there:
Finishing the quest line will take you to Bleakrock Isle. Check out the next post for further info: Bleakrock Isle.
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3. Bleakrock Isle (Ödfels)

After finishing the introductory quest line you arrive at Bleakrock Isle, or more precisely in a house at Bleakrock Village.

tl,dr recommendations:
  1. First talk to Captain Rana, of the 3 quest offered "What Waits Beneath" that takes you to Skyshroud Barrow is a good one to start with
  2. First do one of the main quest, "What Waits Beneath" is recommended, and ignore everything else, after doing that one main quest best ignore all other main quest and first do all the side quests and exploring
  3. Make sure you've collected all the Skyshards on Bleakrock Isle
  4. If you care about treasures make sure you've collected both (or more depending on edition) (which will probably take a looong time opening chests and stuff)
  5. If you care about achievements make sure you have all associated with Bleakrock Isle (which probably takes a loooooong time fishing...)
  6. Proceeding with the main quest line which will take you to Bal Foyen. Check out the next post for further info: Bal Foyen.
Bleakrock in detail: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Bleakrock_Isle
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4. Bal Foyen

tl,dr recommendations:
  1. Do all side quests at Bal Foyen, but not the main quest
  2. Make sure you've collected all the Skyshards at Bal Foyen
  3. If you care about treasures make sure you've collected both (or more depending on edition) (which will probably take a looong time opening chests and stuff)
  4. If you care about achievements make sure you have all associated with Bal Foyen
  5. Proceeding with the main quest line which will take you to Davon's Watch. CHecl out the next post for further info: Davon's Watch.
Bal Foyen in detail: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Bal_Foyen
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5. Davon's Watch (Davon's Wacht)

tl,dr recommendations:
  1. Join The Undaunted, a "guild" of adventurers
  2. Join the Fighters Guild
  3. Join the Mage Guild
  4. Do all side quests inside Davon's Watch, but not the main quest, neither the Prophet quest
  5. Proceed to Bleakrock Isle / Ödfels by doing the A Beginning at Bleakrock quest
  6. When back from Bal Foyen proceed with the mains quests
  7. When main quests are done proceed with Crow's Wood
  8. Make sure you have collected all Skyshards in Davon's Watch
  9. When all quests inside Davon's Watch are done proceed with the Prophet quest
Davon's Watch in detail: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Davon's_Watch
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Hallo zusammen und beste Grüße an Dahlia :)

Wie im Thread beschrieben und von Dahlia bereits im (wie immer top!) Stream von ''The Witcher'' erwähnt ist ja eine Ludophiles Gilde für The Elder Scrolls Online geplant. Übelst cool! Am Dienstag dem 09.06.2015 ist es soweit und hiermit stelle ich meinen ''Beitrittsantrag''

PSN Account: TomThomssen
Ich hoffe auf die Entstehung ner fetzigen Gilde :)

So one...wir sehen uns in Tamriel :)
Wichtig glaube ich nur, dass man sich vorher einigt welche Fraktion man sich anschließen möchte ..denn soweit ich weiß ist der Zusammenschluss einer Gilde nur möglich wenn die Mitglieder in der gleichen Fraktion und demnach auch im gleichen Gebiet sind/starten

Zur Wahl stehen das Aldmeri-Dominion, das Dolchsturz-Bündnis und der Ebenherz-Pakt.

Näheres dazu : http://www.elderscrollsbote.de/teso/allianzen/


Hi, my PSN ID is Cryorvus, like here, like in the Twitch chat. I played ESO on PC and let Zenimax copy my Char to PSN. This is an Daggerfall Char, so I prefer the Daggerfall alliance. The Daggerfall Quests are really cool. If you want a other alliance, its ok for me. New Quests would be nice too.

English or German doesn't matter. If there are non Germans Online, I will try my best ;)


@TomThomssen: There is only one PSN ESO Server. On PC, I wasn't logged in for a long time, but as far as I know there is no PVP in ESO. PVP fights can be done in a arena. The relative new "Tamriel Unlimited" brings a headhunting system. If they get you stealing or murdering NPC's there will be a head-money for you and other players can attack you. The third way for PVP are the big battles in cyrodiil. You have to level up first to get access to them (level 25, if I remember correctly). I never visited a cyrodiil battle (because the quests are really good), but I heard there is a system to reduce the diffences between high level and low level players.


Was trying to find more info, there we go:

Availability & release
  • it is recommended to preload the game before release, the initial file size is ~40GB
  • after download it is recommenced to enable automatic updates, because there are 3 pre-release patches already (1.01-1.03) of ~15GB.
  • the game will be released at 00:00h local time, so from Monday to Tuesday night, one time zone after another will join
Guilds, alliances, characters, ...
  • there are 3 fixed alliances, the race of a character decides over the alliance
  • one account can have multiple independent characters, so you can play all alliances just with different characters
  • guilds are based on accounts, so members of a guild can play together in all alliances using different characters
  • one account can join several guilds
  • PvP is optional and takes place in dedicated zones (Cyrodiil)
  • PvP in Cyrodiil still doesn't mean you have to kill other players, you can as well increase the standing on your alliance by doing coop or solo quests


Download started...:D

Tomorrow I'll get my Mini-Keyboard to connect to the Controller. Whats about Voice Chat? Try the PSN build in System? Note: We have to check the limitations of PSN Party. Or is Teamspeak and the line to the server more stable? PSN speed sometimes decrease. Audio at PSN is sometimes low volume and cracked for the first minutes, then getting better.