How to become a Werewolf or Vampire


Free Werewolf and Vampire bites in our guild

In the Ludophiles TESO guild we have free Werewolf and Vampire bites avalaible. Best ask in guild chat, post in this thread or contact people listed below directly. If you have bites available but you are not listed already please let us know.

Werewolf bites
  • SkaalMjolnir (3X)
  • EvilHaggis
  • DahliaGray
Vampire bites
  • Xalumpu
  • DarthManwe
  • coaxx
  • LePawervitz

How to become a Werewolf and Vampire

- get infected by a bite from a Werewolf or Vampire, best another player
- complete the quest following the guide within one week, if not the infection will vanish after a week
- you can only do the quest at shrines / crypts associated with the faction of your character

Daggerfall Covenant = Bangkorai

Aldmeri Dominion = Reaper's March

Ebonheart Pact = The Rift
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