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Hello and welcome to Ludophiles.

Please take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the other people on the forum. It does not have to be a complete biography of course, but a small bit about yourself and your gaming habits would be great.

Things like the type of games you play and the titles you like most, when you started gaming and what the first game you played was, do you play on the PC or on console, or on all of them etc.
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Let me be the one to start this.

The name I use in most games and on a few forums is RAZER, but my real name is Robin.
I am Dutch and also live in The Netherlands.

What my first game was I do not remember, but it was something that came on a cassette tape. For the young people in here, this is what a cassette tape looks like:


I played a lot of Entropia Universe during the last 11 years or so, which is a pretty unknown game. Next to that I like some racing games (played a lot of the Need for Speed series) and strategy games like Command & Conquer and the Civilization series.

Recently I have been playing some Indie games, which I like. Mostly because they are interesting game concepts that none of the big studios do, but also because they are cheap to buy.

I play my games on the PC and other then a NES 8-bit a long time ago I never owned any console and have a hard time playing on them because of the lack of a mouse and keyboard.

So that's it for now, but if you want to know more, just ask and I will try and answer.


Official FOCK Counter
Let me be the second one to introduce myself.

I am known under the name of French_pumba. You might have seen me in the Ludophile's chat !
I'm also the Official FOCK Counter and one of the mods of the channel. If you wonder what it is, just come during a stream and you'll understand ! \o/
My real name is Alexis and i'm 21. I'm From North West of France.

My very first game ever was Age of Empire 1, i beat the game when i was 4 and ever since i played all the Age of Empires that came after but to me, the best EVER made is still Age of Empires II. Which is my favorite game of all time as strategy game.
My first FPS was Medal of Honor Allied Assault and its expensions Breakthrough and Spearhead when i was like 8 or 9 years old. It remains my favorite FPS of all time !
One of my other favorite game is Portal 2 !

So i'm basically into historical, and strategy games ! But i also like reflexion, survival and realistic games.

That's it for now ! As for Razer, if you have any other questions about me, feel free to ask them and i'll be glad to answer them ! \o/


Let me be the third one to introduce myself.

My Nickname is everywhere similar. How I found the Ludophiles? I'll be honest. I saw a good looking girl in the stream thumbnail and clicked, thats it. But then I found out there's a cool gaming community behind her. I always thought about to start something like "Ludophiles" by my self, but it always come to nothing. There are not enough gamers in my real life area to start with a hard core and it's harder to organize with people you just know online. I'm 36 and played electronic games all my life. First played with the Atari 2600 console, then C64 (Maniac Mansion and a karate game, most times) and Amigas. My first own computer was a Schneider CPC 464 (I want a Amiga, but they were too expensive for my parents), so I know these cassettes too. Frustrated by waiting 20 Minutes to load a game that crashes when started, I started programming my own text based rpg's, but no project came to a final state.

I used to play with consoles too. Game Boy, Master System, NES, Mega Drive, SNES, Lynx, Game Gear. After that the first PC came. 500MB HDD, 4 MB RAM, S3 Virge Graphics card, 60 MHz CPU. This was the time of the point & click adventures (Day of Tentacle, Indiana Jones, Final Fantasy, Sam & Max, Simon the Sorcerer), the first doom, command & conquer, mechwarrior, dune, duke nukem and shadow warrior games.

Next PC came with the first 3Dfx Graphics card (with Mechwarrior Mercenaries, Interstate 76 and Turok). This was a time hardware engineering goes very fast and you needed a lot of money.

First online game was Meridian 59. Telephone charges were very high. AOL costs 5 DM/h. I was one of the lucky guys allowed to use a school connection instead of a provider, so I had to pay only 50 DM/year + telephone charges. My dad wasn't amused I blocked the telephone line all time so we rushed to get ISDN when it came out.

One day I lost my will to get games working properly on PC's and went back to consoles (PS3, PSP, PS Vita, PS4). Another reason was health. I worked on a PC all day and then the day came, when I can't move my right shoulder anymore (mouse arm). I bought a trackball and go on working with my left arm. After one year the right arm was useable again. At home I don't want to sit in the PC position anymore.

My favorite games now:
MMORPG, RPG, action RPG's, Open World games and all games with new game mechanics and ideas what makes independent games interresting. But I liked the Uncharted series too or games like Buzz. Sometimes shooters, but only coop (Dead Space 2 was fun).

If you want to know more, just ask.

Dahlia Gray

Queen of the Ludolands (and beer)
Hey there, this is Dahlia
most of you already know me from the Twitch streams and most of the information I write here might already be known to you.

I have several hobbies, for example I love reading (I have a big library) and I love taking photos of abandoned places as you can see on the ludophiles facebook page.

Gaming has always been a part of my life - no matter if i played Pool, cards (for fun and money ;-)), board games or explored new worlds and solved puzzles and crimes in virtual worlds. After school it was very usual for me and my best friend to meet at his or at my house for playing computer or console games.

During the stream people always ask about the first console I played on and it was the PS1. And from that time on I owned every PS that had been released. But the first system I ever used was the Amiga 500 (with and without the memory upgrade to insane 1 (!!) mb ;-) and I still own a working Amiga.

My favorite genres are RPGs (open world), survival horror and point-and-click-adventures and just like Cryorvus I play shooters only because of the teamplay (all time favorite here was the L4D series). Although I tried several strategie games they never made it into my all-time favorites.

For me it is important that a game has something "supernatural" like orcs, elves, ghosts or zombies as this draws a harder line between real life and in-game-world and therefore makes the experience I expect from a video game (holidays from real life) more intense. "Fast" games with a challenging character like the Souls series I enjoy just as well as very "slow" and atmospheric adventures like Dracula or Syberia which just fit perfect to a long, dark and cold winternight in Germany with a good glass of red wine :)

Being spoiled by a wide variety of systems and games I have experienced so far I am very impressed whenever a new Indie game with a completely new game mechanics comes up (just like Cryorvus:)) because it's awesome having to figure out new ways of thinking, finding strategies for solving problems that have never been there before!

Here's Dahlia's Gamer-DNA, as you can see I did this test 2013 and when I'm looking at the result now I'm very surprised that I'm 60% Achiever - I've never been a trophy hunter!

Dahlia's DNA.jpg

Und nach Schiller:
"Der Mensch spielt nur, wo er in voller Bedeutung des Wortes Mensch ist, und er ist nur da ganz Mensch, wo er spielt."
Hello, this is Devilfrog AKA Frosch666 or - more civil and down-to-earth - just Marko :)

Let me tell you when I was infected with Ludophilia.
It was back in the days when my parents bought "PONG" - yes the so-called first game on TV just with 2 bars. Simple as that but not the less fascinating, especially for a 4 year old boy :D

My first console was the Mattel Intellivision (I can almost hear the "WTF?").
For those who want to know more about it, here's just the perfect video ...

And let me tell you that once you're infected there's probably no cure ... so I played video games on Intellivision, Commodore C64, Amiga, Sega Mega Drive, Sony PS1, PS2, PS3 and PC ...

I do like all kind of games, but there must be something special about the game (e.g. "Portal" is such a game to be completely different and one of my all-time favorite):

- Adventure games: Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island
- Action adventure: Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed
- Shooter: Wolfenstein, Half-Life, BioShock
- RPG: Baldurs Gate 2, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Knights of the Old Republic, DragonAge, Witcher
- MMO(RPG): Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars: The Old Republic

And now I am here, the grandpa of gaming who still can't get enough playing, an everlasting child trapped in a man's body :D


Hey all,

So far you guys know me as the Gin drinking Darkjudges, when in actual fact I am the Gin drinking Andy ;-) I live in the UK just outside London, im 42 and have been playing games for a very very long time! I started out on a an atari, bbcb micro, megadrive etc and have been playing ever since!

I watch the stream when ever I can and lovely, really friendly community and find Dahlia a very engaging streamer. Hower I dont chat that often because I am usually raiding in world of warcraft or being shot a LOT in star wars battelfront, so please dont think im being rude if i dont respond or chat too much im probably being hit by someone a lot bigger than me ;-)

Ive recently been playing ark a bit on a few servers, really enjoy it but not found a community yet, so thought id come say hi on the new one you guys have setup ;-)

Looking forward to chatting to you all whilst being eaten by dinosaurs ;-)

Andy (a.k.a Darkjudges)
Oh and darkjudges for anyone not into comics came from the 4 dark judges from Judge Dredd in 2000AD
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Greetings everyone o/ ,

so im Skaal Mjoelnir (Skål Mjølnir) in short just say Skaal. My real name is Henrik though. Im german and live in germany Brandenburg (close to Berlin). Im 21 years old, i listening almost every genre of Metal my favorits though are Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Progressive-Metal and Progressive-Metalcore.
Im a fan of Medieval/Viking stuff in all kind of forms like Games, Films, TV-Series and so on.
Also i like to collect useable Retro-Consoles and my oldest in the collection is my Atari 2600 atm.

my first game i ever played was Kirby for Nintendo Gameboy Pocket, after that then started the Pokemon era. Next console i had was the sega mega drive, than i had PS1 and PS2. After that i wanted to tried somthing new with the X-Box 360, on which i gave up after 2 Xbox dying on the same system error (my Brother had also 2 Xbox and both died aswell of the same system error i had :p ) and switched back to Sony to PS3. Now i just switched to PC gaming.

I like almost every kind of game, but im really into RPG games, cuz there is a kind of freedom u dont have in any other game genre. I also have a Storyline fetish, so the first thing im interested in is the Story (Dragon Age Origins, Tell tale series games, Life is Strange) and after that im looking into the Gameplay since im a fan of 3rd person view and real time combat systems (Elder Scrolls, Dragons Dogma, The Witcher).
I really dont like ISO-view and round based combat systems in games.
I got pretty late in the internet era and so im more a single player gamer, but im also now up to MMOs. Since im more the single player gamer and the biggest interest is in the story, i never hang onto a game for very long and so pretty often change the game after the Main Story :D . Its a bad habbit, but it dont happens often that i play many side-quests :D .

looking forward to chat, talk and play together :)

PS: i choosed the name Mjølnir, cuz of my interest in the old skandinavia and the northern mythology. And Skål, cuz it means cheers in english and also cuz of that book of old medieval/Viking songs for drinking and medieval/Viking toasts:

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