Layers of Fear

Yesterday I watched on Twitch a game called "Layers of fear" and let me tell you this game is realy spooky ... I like games like "Until dawn" but most of the time these games are using Jump-Scares which is not a bad thing at all but I like games where you feel discomfort not knowing what awaits you around the next corner or the next door.

Here's a little teaser:

If you loved "P.T." you should most definitely give this game a try.

At the moment it's available via steam for only 8,49€

Dahlia Gray

Queen of the Ludolands (and beer)
holy shit! i just bought this little masterpiece and i love it! its pretty short, took me 2hrs to play through the early access. i only wanted to have a short look, but i was unable to stop playing it. it was 9.99 € on steam today, but i was totally captured, the jumpscares were awesome, the atmosphere was dark and creepy, the story weird and evil. maybe i'll dare to do a pc stream with that game in the next days, i'll let you know!
Really nice game :) As far as I understood the current version (early access) is about 60-70% of the total game. Loved every second of the dark creepy atmosphere
The masterpiece of fear is soon to be completed.
The game will launch simultanously on February 16th on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

Newest trailer:
It's finaly here - the full game has been released.

You would probably want to know what has changed during the transition from The Goya Patch to the final release, well here are the patch notes:

- The number of rooms have increased from about 70 to more than a hundred
- A lot of the rooms from the Early Access has been redesigned
- The final chapters of the game have been implemented (duh!)
- New findable objects have been added, other were redesigned
- Additional VO, including female voices
- New music tracks added
- Achievements and steam cards added
- Redesigned death animations and added new respawn rooms
- A lot of fixes to mini games, door opening mechanics,
- Performance optimization

Remember! If you feel that you have beaten the game – you’re wrong!
Go and uncover all of the layers of fear we have prepared for you!

If you've already bought the pre-release version the game will automatically update to the release version.

Also, check out the launch trailer!

Awesome Letsplay Dahlia, including scratching mouse sounds (your mic is very good) and dog visits ;)

I think we all had a lot of (scary) fun until early in the morning, can't wait for "part 2" ludoBeer ludoBeer ludoBeer

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