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As some of you know already we've started a project to record boss fights for YouTube, for fun and for documentation. We have 70+ boss fights already, most done by @C3pp4r3ll0 , many also by @Dahlia Gray and @Eric has also a couple recorded but not uploaded yet.

The most awesome are the complete collections by C3pp4r3ll0, he did all boss fights in Salt and Sanctuary, Titan Souls and Lords of the Fallen.

So... if anyone has boss fights already recorded or wants to record some just let us know. We might be able to get specific games for free if you want to record boss fights of these games.



Dark Souls addicted :-P
YeahludoBeer, the project is officially started, but now there's need your support to feed it :).
The merit of the idea is to Eric, I only gave a small contribution choosing to make the diversified harvest:
I needed some space on my hard disk and rather than delete gigabytes of recent video files, I chose thanks to Eric's suggestion, to share them with the Ludo channel; Here thanks to a fantastic job of packaging with great attention to detail and I think also thanks to some secret magic Ludo filter, my waste is reborn to a new life and now shine like never before :cool:;).
Joking aside, I think most gamers retain, after many years in their memories, some epic battle but there is a risk that over time the memory will fade, and the memory of an epic moment is doomed to oblivion, unfortunately, this is my case :oops:: I have difficulty remembering some of my boss fights of Amiga times, (too many boss fights in the meantime :rolleyes:? premature aging :eek:? who knows :confused:?)
Another reason to share your epic exploits, is to give vent to the narcissistic part of personality
; are you proud of your performance ? have you got an amazing speed/no damage/what else run ? why do not you show it to others ?!
But do not worry, if your boss fights are not perfect; look at my: my videos are really light years far away from perfection (Eric has been too kind in the previous message: so far the Dahlia boss fights are the best, no one can deny it), but I made it just for fun and for my short memory ;).
Last but not least reason to share your gameplay on Ludo channel is to reverse the roles for once: will our beloved Ludo streamers to judge us and not vice versa; the time has come for their revenge :eek:;).
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Quick update.

We have:
  • 85 boss fights
  • 4000+ views
  • 5 contributors: @C3pp4r3ll0 @Dahlia Gray @Baoh0815 @Cryorvus and @Eric
  • 5 PC games with boss fights to grab (free): Darksiders, Darksiders 2, Dragon Age Origins, Victor Vran, The Bard's Tale
  • a link to this page and the playlist in description of all videos
  • all videos sorted by release date of game or add-on, except the latest uploaded
  • ~40 videos with custom thumbnail/preview image
To do:
  • thumbnail/preview image template
  • thumbnail/preview images for all videos
  • YT cards for all videos
  • documentation
  • clarifying monetization option for most video
  • MGSV compilation video
Most wanted boss fights (those of games of which we already have boss fights)
  • Lords of the Fallen: The Keeper
  • Many Dragon Age Inquisition boss fights
  • Many Dark Souls 3 boss fights
  • Most Witcher 3 boss fights
  • Most Demon's Souls boss fights


Not much action here but a lot on Discord.

But let's change that :)

@C3pp4r3ll0 's Salt and Sanctuary boss fights compilations is the first boss fights video to pass 3000 views. Let's celebrate \o/


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