Ludophiles discussion guidelines


As of May 21, 2015.


One of the basic principles of Ludophiles is freedom of speech and as any kind of freedom it comes with great responsibilities. Fortunately the great majority of Ludophiles is perfectly capable of deciding themselves what is acceptable, and what is not.

Below you can find guidelines for social interaction on Ludophiles which complement and expand the formal and necessary Terms of Service. These guidelines are not limited to public forum posts but cover all user edited content on Ludophiles. These guidelines complement the Terms of Use.

Guidelines, unlike Terms of Use, do not need to be absolutely hard rules that must be enforced at any rate. You are asked to respect these guidelines and not circumvent or abuse them.


Moderators will watch user edited content and may take actions to adjust content considering these guidelines.

Accessibility of content

To ensure high accessibility for your contributions you might want
  • to post in the most appropriate forum section
  • to keep them on-topic,
  • well-formatted,
  • well-structured
You might want to avoid
  • excessive use of smilies,
  • various fonts and colors,
  • lengthy paragraphs,
  • posting the same content in multiple sections,
  • excessive interlinking between posts,
  • posting in very old threads

Quality of content

To achieve a high quality of content you might want
  • to keep your contributions concise yet comprehensive,
  • understandable for both veterans and newbies,
  • add media such as appropriate images and videos,
  • include appropriate links to sources and/or further information,

Quality of arguments

To improve the quality of arguments and consequently the discussion please
  • stay factual and objective,
  • keep criticism constructive
Also you might want to avoid...

Personal disputes

Personal disputes can happen but should not negatively affect other content. Please do not continuously pursue personal disputes in public but instead make use of private conversations.

Closing words

If you have any questions or recommendations regarding these guidelines please feel free to post in this thread or send a private message.

This forum guidelines document is available under a CC-BY-SA license. In case of use please link to this original document.