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Here some info about the roles and ranks available in the guild. Everything is up for discussion, if you have suggestions please post below.

It is of course perfectly fine to play completely random/casually and "solo". Nevertheless everyone is encouraged to contribute to the community to any extent on any level in any shape or form.
Members who do so regularly can fill more specific roles/ranks outlined below, some of which naturally require some form of commitment.

New guild members join the guild as recruits. Recruits have basic permissions and can be promoted to full guild members by meeting 4 or more of these requirements:
  • helpful and friendly
  • at least 1 lvl 10 character
  • at least 2 weeks in the community
  • basic activity on Discord or website or Twitch channel
  • meaningful member notes
  • participation in guild group activities
  • recommendation by at least 1 higher ranked member
  • contributing content such as a guide or a video
  • ...
Please note: Please ask for promotion, it's impossible to track everyone's progress.

As the name says Members are full members of the guild with standard permissions such as inviting players to the guild, depositing and withdrawing from the guild bank, editing member notes, etc.

PVE Officer
PVE Officers engage in organizing PVE group activities in the guild such as dungeon runs, event quests, etc on regular basis, at least once a month, ideally with fixed date/time. The role can include but is not limited to:
  • planning of PVE group activities
  • communication of PvE group activities, for example in the MOTD, on Discord, website, Steam, etc
  • encourage guild members to participate and maybe even use Discord voice
  • briefing guild members on specific PvE activites, for example by a post on our website
  • organising and leading the group in game during the activity
Please note: Of course everyone is encouraged to take the in PvE activities :)

PVP Officer
PVP Officers engage in organizing PVP group activities in the guild on regular basis.

Recruiting officers are responsible for organizing the recruiting of new guild members on various channels such as the official TESO website and social media. The role can include but is not limited to:
  • maintaining the guild's profile on various websites and services
  • checking recruiting channels on daily basis, ideally several times a day
  • replying to requests and send invites
  • contact players who express interest in joining a guild or in group activities
  • ...
Please note: Of course everyone is encouraged to onboard new members, especially in game.
Please note: We are looking for someone for recruiting specifically on Steam.

Treasurers are officers responsible for organizing the guild's banking and trading affairs.

Guild Leader
Guild Leaders are officers who are long-term members of the community meeting specific requirements such as a certain level of activity, constantly helping to improve and grow and more. Guild Leaders have an extended set of permissions.

Guild Master
The Guild Master is a default and required rank formally fulfilled by one the general guild leaders. The guild is based on a democratic approach not necessarily giving the guild master more rights than other members of the guild.
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