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A lot of you will have played one or both of the previous chapters in this game franchise for sure and a few days ago Otherside Entertainment started teasing a new game on their website with a clock running down and some weird text with that.



Well the timer went all the way to zero and that where they announced the next chapter in the System Shock series, System Shock 3

On the website there is a link to a questionnaire where they ask you if you played the previous games and what you interest is in Virtual Reality gaming, which says a lot about there direction where they might take this game.

Nothing else yet known, but that will probably change soon.

In case you have not played the others in the series, you can download them from gog:

SS1.jpg SS2.jpg


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And we have the press release:

Concord, MASS – December 14, 2015 – OtherSide Entertainment, the development studio behind the upcoming fantasy RPG Underworld Ascendant, is excited to officially announce development on System Shock 3, the sequel to the landmark System Shock series.

Last week, OtherSide posted a teaser website ( ) with cryptic lettering hinting at a new game. Internet hackers quickly cracked the site, prematurely revealing the game’s title. As part of the fun, series’ AI antagonist SHODAN appeared to mock the hackers with new taunts each day.

On the updated teaser site today, fans can hear popular voice actress Terri Brosius (System Shock 1 & 2, Dishonored) reprise her role as the voice of SHODAN and see an early peek at the evolving ‘next generation’ look of the character by artist Robb Waters.

Key members of the original System Shock and System Shock 2 teams will be part of the sequel. This includes Paul Neurath, who oversaw the original series’ development; Nate Wells, a senior artist on System Shock 2; and Waters, the lead concept artist of both original games.

The path to bring the System Shock franchise forward was long and winding. Several years back, OtherSide secured the exclusive IP rights to all future versions of the franchise. Only recently, through partnership with Night Dive Studios, who owns the System Shock trademark, did OtherSide get the rights to use theSystem Shock name for the sequel.
System Shock 2 is one of my all-time-favorite Games, I always wondered if they will continue the story or at least do an updated system shock 2 (with better graphics). I was very pleased to hear that the key members of the origianl crew will be in the development team of part 3.

So I am really excited and can't wait to see more of System Shock 3.

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