The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Released

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt concludes the story of the witcher Geralt of Rivia, the series' protagonist, whose story to date has been covered in the previous versions. Continuing from The Witcher 2, the ones who sought to use Geralt are now gone. Geralt seeks to embark on a new and personal mission, whilst the world order itself is coming to a change. Geralt's new mission comes in dark times as the mysterious and otherworldly army known as the Wild Hunt invades the Northern Kingdoms, leaving only blood soaked earth and fiery ruin in its wake; and it seems the Witcher is the key to stopping their cataclysmic rampage.


The setting is more than "30 times larger" than previous Witcher games, requiring players to use a sailboat to some locations and ride by horseback to others. However, fast travelling around the areas of known locations is also possible. The Witcher 3 has been described as "20% bigger than Skyrim".

About CD Projekt RED

CD Projekt RED is a Polish video game developer founded in 2002 as a development studio of CD Projekt. The first game the unit produced was The Witcher, based on Andrzej Sapkowski's books.

CD Projekt RED is openly against the inclusion of DRM technology in video games and software. The company believes that DRM is not an effective measure of stopping software piracy. It has based these beliefs on the data received from the sale of The Witcher 2. CD Projekt RED found that their initial release, which included DRM technology, had been pirated over 4.5 million times, while the DRM-free re-release saw far lesser pirate-activity. Based on these beliefs, CD Projekt RED has revealed that the next installment in the series, The Witcher 3, will be released without DRM right from the beginning. Another renowned trait of CD Projekt RED's policies within the gaming industry is the use of free patches and updates to enhance their products post-release, as opposed to the paid DLC model used by many other developers and publishers.




Dark Souls addicted :-P
Congrats to CD Projekt RED ludoBeer who tonight won the "Game of the Year" award along with "best company award".
IMHO the award is well deserved, considering the amazing graphics, the magnificent narrative, the wonderful characterization of the protagonists of the game.
Even more they deserved the prize for the best company considering: the risk of investing a big budget for the sizes of their company, the many updates and improvements released after months, the excellent work of marketing: the coolest trailer (imho) so far in 2015
but even small details like that card of gratitude to buyers and all the gifts in the DayOne edition of TW3 I very much appreciated...
and last but not least I am also pleased that won a european company.:)
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