Twitch, bots and the decline of humanity


Dark Souls addicted :-P
Even today I find it hard to accept the presence of a bot for the fock-counting ;), I much prefer the great and unique CFO: chief financial officer Official Fock Counter aka French_Pumba , but now twitch exaggerates and at the same time scares me:eek:; right now
Twitch is trying to play Dark Souls: Twitch involves users typing commands in the comment section that correspond with in-game movements. Twitch had already done in the past by playing pokemon. This is heaven for backseat gamer:D, but the result is chaotic :confused:... so Ludophiles, I recommend you, do not even think about replacing Dahlia or others Ludophiles streamers with a bot taking commands from the twitch chat.
I still prefer the human presence behind a screen:D;)
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Dark Souls addicted :-P
Some updates:

It's been a month since the beginning of this stream and now it is almost at the end :eek:
Thanks to a new system that pauses the game until Twitch users can vote on the next command (with the old system it was impossible to make progress), Twitch crowd-playing has managed to defeat the duo bosses, Ornstein & Smough.
Here you can see an edited version of the fight, which removes the pauses:


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