Waves of Time


(Only picture I could find without doing a bit of cropping myself because I am lazy)

Official Website: https://wavesoftime.com

Basic Synopsis

Waves of Time is an online game in development inspired by classic MMORPG games. It is based on the concept of retro pixel RPG games. The community is very nice and welcome to new supporters and people. The whole project was started by a group of ex-mods and players of another pixel MMORPG that is now dead/discontinued called Fantasy Online. The coding is done by iamallama, the art is directed mainly by Lighterthief. Although Lighterthief is a main director of the art of the game, a lot of the art is made by the community. This art gets processed through art directors and then accepted into the game. These include MOBs, NPCs, Equipment, etc.

I highly recommend you go check it out. The game is in slow development and has been going on for more than a year now I think, possibly even two. If you want to, feel free to support the crew. The game looks promising and is definitely an interesting project. If you have any questions, most of them are probably answered on the website itself.

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