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    When you die ...

    "My team was full of noobs."
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    Waves of Time

    (Only picture I could find without doing a bit of cropping myself because I am lazy) Official Website: Basic Synopsis Waves of Time is an online game in development inspired by classic MMORPG games. It is based on the concept of retro pixel RPG games. The community is...
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    Game: Post a Number

    (From a long time ago)
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    Game: Three Word Story

    ...Cryorvus found a(n)...
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    The Tetris Syndrome

    Hmm. Well some video games have that option where you can do parkour such as wall climbing, jumping and climbing, hopping over objects, etc. One that comes to mind would be Outlast. After some time of playing Outlast and its DLC story (Whistleblower), I started seeing desks and saw them as an...
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    Game: Three Word Story

    ...that any drunk...
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    Game: Three Word Story

    ...almost the best...
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    Game: Three Word Story

    I would also...
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    Game: Three Word Story me a...
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    Game: Three Word Story

    The rules are simple. Someone types three words and the next person types another three words trying to make some sort of sentence. When the sentence begins to grow longer, anyone has the right to finish the sentence with the final three words and a period or just a period and then a new three...
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    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata dies at the age of 55

    This is very saddening to someone like myself. Nintendo has been one of my favorite child-hood companies and still holds a very important spot in my life today. R.I.P Satoru Iwata
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    Ludophiles bugs / criticism / suggestions / questions /...

    I've seen on some other forums a "shoutbox" or some sort of chat where users online can interact and have conversations with other online users. I just wanted to see if that would sound like something these forums or this website could use. There aren't a whole lot of users online a lot of the...
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    Oral Surgery recovery. My mouth is now swollen. Crai.

    Oral Surgery recovery. My mouth is now swollen. Crai.