Games to play in July 2016


What games to play next? Check out this selection of games to be released in July 2016. Something you would want to play? Something missing on the list? Just post below.


INSIDE is an artful 2.5D puzzle platform adventure by the Limbo developers Playdead and features a similar gameplay and look & feel. It's already available for Xbox One and will be released for PC on 7 July 2016. Watch the trailer:

Carmageddon: Max Damage

Carmageddon: Max Damage is a reboot of the classic destruction derby-style and car vs. environment game franchise. Carmageddon: Max Damage is absolutely brutal, you are encouraged to 'roadkill' for example nuns, cows, penguins, cyclists and people in wheelchairs who all explode in splatter & gore. Maybe watch the trailer:


Necropolis is a 3rd person Roguelike action dungeon crawler for up to 4 players co-op. Players assume the role of adventurers trying to escape the procedurally generated dungeons of the Archmage Abraxis. The gameplay in Roguelike but also has elements of a Dark Souls no death run.
Necropolis will be released for Windows PC & Mac OS X on 12 July 2016 and for PS4 & Xbox One later in Q3 2016. Watch the trailer:


Ghostbusters is a 3rd person (couch-) co-op shoother in which players team up to clean levels from enemies to finally face paranormal boss mobs. Of course it's based on the franchise of the same name. Ghostbusters will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 15 July 2016. Watch the trailer:

Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter

Neverwinter, a free-to-play action MMORPG based on the classic fantasy D&D franchise. It is available for PC for 3 years already but will be released for PS4 on 19 July 2016. How about another Ludo guild? Watch the trailer:

I Am Setsuna

I Am Setsuna was previously announced as "Project Setsuna", the latter term now seems to be used as a name for the potential series. I Am Setsuna is a traditional-style JRPG inspired by Chrono Trigger and early Final Fantasy games and features an Active Time Combat system. Watch the trailer:


Obduction is a first person puzzle adventure with a highly detailed game world by the creators of the original Myst and features similarities with the classic in gameplay and look & feel. Obduction will be released with Oculus Rift support for Windows PC and Mac OS X on 26 July 2016 UPDATE: Postponed to 22 August.

Watch the trailer:


Chambara is an innovative indie multiplayer shooter with a minimalistic high-contrast game world that enables a distinct feature: equally high-contrast player characters are camouflaged in front of a specific background at from a specific background but revealed when looking from another angle resulting in another background. Hard to explain with words but easy to understand when you watch the trailer, it will be released for PS4 & Xbox Oneon 26 July 2016:

We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a 1st person action adventure with melee combat and stealth gameplay elements set in a dystopian retro-futuristic alternative version of 1960s England. It showcases references to Kubrick's Clockwork Orange and will be released for Windows PC (early access) and Xbox One (game preview) on 26 July 2016. Watch the trailer:


Headlander is a 1970's sci-fi inspired retro-futuristic side-scrolling platformer action adventure by DoubleFine. It's scheduled for release for Windows PC, Mac OS X & PS4 in "late July". Watch the trailer:

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I like the atmosphere of "Inside". Obduction, worth a try, I would say. Carmageddon: Max Damage, hmm, not allowed in germany as far as I know ...could bring trouble. And D&D for free? I'm in ;)