Gaming Hardware Library

We already have the "Show Off Your Hardware" thread as linked:

But what that doesn't include is the net cost of the hardware and where it can be found online or in-store. The purpose of this thread is for people looking for new gaming hardware to come and ask about what is recommended. In response, other members of the Ludophiles community will post their recommendations with pros/cons and the price of it so that the people looking for new hardware can see what they should get. Often times people find themselves debating between what they should get and what would be most beneficial, and online reviews can sometimes be unreliable, so why not get reviews from people in the same community as yourself!

Just post in the following format or something similar to make things easier to read and more organized:

Asking for Hardware Recommendation:

Hardware Type: [Hardware here]
Price Range: [€# - €#]

[Personal statement or whatever you want to say]

Giving Hardware Recommendation:

@[Person who asked for recommendation]
Hardware Type: [Hardware here]

[Personal statement or whatever you want to say]


Hardware Type: Mouse
Price Range (Optional): €0 - €40

I'm looking for a nice mouse because my old one broke. Preferably black and white if possible. If you could state the pros and cons of one and post a link to it that'd be great!
Hardware Type: Mouse

I use a [blahblahblah] mouse and it works fine. The only con I can think of on this mouse is that the buttons are a bit stiff at first, but after a few days it'll be easier to click. It moves very smoothly and is a perfect fit for my hand, not so sure about yours. Sorry I can't really measure that, but you can check out the dimensions and facts for yourself here: [url/link here]


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It could be a good idea ! Sometime people don't know what to get, how, and why, and this could help them to choose good stuff for good prices on reliable websites. This would guide them through the very difficult (but nevertheless interesting) part of building their own PC.