Kôna: Day One

As of today Kôna: Day One is available in GOG's Games in Development program - GOG's version of early access. So what is Kôna?


It's winter 1970. Players assume the role of the war veteran and private detective Carl Faubert. His latest case takes him to Atamipek Lake in Northern Canada to investigate cases of vandalism and property theft. Fauberts client is the wealthy copper mine magnate W. Hamilton who accuses members of the local native Americans community of the Cree to steal and destroy property at his summer residence and hunting lodge. While the Crees accuse Hamilton of their sacred lands for higher profits only. The game begins when Faubert arrives in the remote lonesome area with a snow storm approaching.

Official trailer


Kôna mainly features story-driven first-person exploring and puzzle solving in an atmospheric and immersive 3D open environment. Use of items derives from classic adventure gameplay as well as modern survival games with crafting elements. There are weapons and enemies to fight but this is not a focus of the game. Also there is not much assistance by the game as in suggesting what to do next but this only adds to the immersion and emphasis on exploring.

Dahlia live gameplay snippets (pre-release version)


Kôna: Day One is not finished yet but the early access version looks very promising. The gameplay consists of an really interesting mix of adventure and survival elements. And this gameplay perfectly fits the look & feel of Kôna. The setting evolving around a mystery story is definitely the strength of Kôna, well designed and thoroughly executed, visually appealing, atmospheric and immersive, with a passion for details, elaborated environmental storytelling and great sound design. Kona was first planned to be one game released in episodes but was changed to a series of moderate-sized games.

Development of Kona is definitely worth supporting and you can do so by purchasing the early access version on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/kona_day_one?pp=15664c029f5800776b362386d6e8bce48cdc54f7
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