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I've seen on some other forums a "shoutbox" or some sort of chat where users online can interact and have conversations with other online users. I just wanted to see if that would sound like something these forums or this website could use. There aren't a whole lot of users online a lot of the time so it may not be useful or worth implementing now, but if the website expands and gains more users then I'd say it could be beneficial in creating a close-knit community. Just putting the idea out there.


We are/have been looking at intergrating the Twitch chat into the forum. Is that something you might like?

Problem is there is no history with the Twitch chat, so you do not know what has been talked about when you were away. Which might also be a positive.

Something like this maybe?
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There is a tab at the top of the screen now too (has no image yet) which displays the number of people that are in chat at that time. There is a widget in the sidebar on the front page and in the forum view.

Not sure where to put what, any suggestions?