Ludophiles Longplays

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Ludophiles Longplays Project.

Most wanted longplays[edit]

1. Top priority[edit]

  1. Reimagine :The Game:
  2. A curious pasttime
  3. Of Mice and Moggies, key available,

2. High priority[edit]

3. Medium priority[edit]

  • BLOOD of the DIVINES 1 (Episode 1)
  • flOw, the original flash game, unfortunately the versions I found played on newer flash emulators have a "bug" in the form that the final boss doesn't drop the cell that takes you back to the start screen, it's actually the end of the game but an important aspect, maybe someone can manage this
  • multi-event sports games:

4. To-do priority[edit]

5. Nice to have priority[edit]

Dev ludographies[edit]